Mountain Monk: Backpack Bike


by Byron on Jan 16, 2009 at 10:24 AM

Don’t think that actually qualifies as a bike, but as a backpack scooter. Withholding full judgement, until I see it in person, but I think you could really biff it hard on a scooter/bike without a rear suspension and that small wheel. However, it looks like a blast to carve trails with on a ski resort, just stay away from the moguls and jumps

Hat tip to Chip at Soar Communications.

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Why does the monk look like George Lucas?

Having watched that video a few times now, there are lots of questions and it reminded me of [that bit on SNL]( about Germans and their obsession with winter jackets. Like, look my jacket is a backpack and a bike!

Erm, the video caption says it does have rear suspension. I love how they show them hiking in unrideable terrain, yet there’s nice trail or dirt road to descend -why not just ride up?

Neat engineering/design but seems limited to a very specific set of circumstances.

It has a hinged rear with what looks like a rear bumper, rollover the hinge [on this page]( I do appreciate the industrial design, but at a loss at to why it wouldn’t have pedals and drivetrain.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I was having writer’s block, and you helped me identify the latest [url=“” rel=“nofollow”]Dumbest Product of the Week.

You mean, like how after about 10 minutes, kneeling on a bike is going to get uncomfortable?

[Boing Boing posts]( on the Backpack bike and fails to notice it’s not a bike . . .