Most Badass BMX cranks. Ever.


by Mark V on Sep 14, 2009 at 10:13 PM


Reade Redline.jpg

]( night I was surfing the web and I found this photo of Shanaze Reade’s Redline BMX for the 2008 Olympics. Reade, the British representative in Beijing, crashed out of the gold medal final. In the photo of her bike, the eyes of most people would be drawn to the Union Jack paint scheme, but I instantly took a bead on the cranks.

Of course you must realize that those are Shimano DXR BMX cranks….modified for an SRM power meter.


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I’m not a BMX guy, but that is a hot setup.

Velonews did a report on bmx at the olympics prior to Beijing and noted that most of the US team had SRM power meter cranks- but it didn’t seem like the riders had a very sophisticated protocol for training with power. More like a “high score” sort of thing. I seem to recall 1200 watts sustained over the course of a heat was the top mark anyone had registered. I wonder if they’re developing a more sophisticated protocol as the tech comes along.

1200W for an entire RACE!?  How long do they last?  With as much coasting as their is - I’d have to see the data on that.  And platform pedals?!

at the world level, the riders are clipped in.