Monday Night Spinervals with Matthew McConaughey


by Byron on Feb 13, 2008 at 2:17 PM

Hearing that Lance was planning to open a bike shop in Austin, I was all, “nice.” I imagined Monday night spinervals with Matthew McConaughey could happen there and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Lance Shop Saturday morning ride would drop all that showed up!


One of the most impressive shops I’ve visited is in Austin – well-lit, shiny floors, and lots of bikes. A shop on the list to visit in Shanghai is LaBici.

From the high end to the hippie, what’s your fav bike shop?


Mellow Johnny’s is announced and it’s commuter-focused.

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When I lived in Southern California, I thought Nytro was the best bike/tri store I’d ever seen - then I moved to Seattle and everyone talked up Gregg’s Cycles, which is great, too. 

But the one I always love going to is a tiny little joint along the Burke Gilman trail near Fremont in Seattle, called Speedy Reedy.  It’s run by guys who do events, they’ve got hands down the best wrenches in town and did I mention, they’re right on the bike trail?  I nominate Speedy Reedy.

I’ve rode by Speedy Reedy countless times, but don’t stop. The [Maui bike shops]( are also good. This shop was also remarkable because it was “Giant” and had all these crazy-ass folders.

Also note that I got Lance’s shop all wrong—it’s [commuter focused](