Messenger Bike at Pike Place Market


by Mark V on May 06, 2008 at 11:22 AM


I walked down to the market to retrieve my girlfriend’s bike, and I saw this messenger bike. Normally I wouldn’t have taken notice of a bike this beaten down, but I just had to appreciate how harsh this machine’s life must have been.

Notice the bludgeoned and dismembered Dura Ace STI still in situ. I’m pretty sure that the derailleurs were just screwed into a set position, and the rear brake was disconnected. The Chris King rear cassette hub might be the last thing salvageable on the bike. The owner didn’t even bother locking the bike at all while he went inside. I salute his cavalier attitude towards equipment maintenance and security… I just hope I am never, ever, ever invited to estimate or enact any repairs to that bike.

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That’s my comrad Ali’s bike. We hooked him up with the CETMA rack and many of the bits languishing on his bike. He will take great pleasure in squeezing the last drop out of that bike, those parts and life. The very quotable Ali has been heard to say “You only need two speeds anyway…mince and chop” I’m sure his front dérailleur is working just fine.