Masi Speciale Fixed


by Byron on Jul 16, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Check the Masi Guy’s blog for preview photos of the new Masi fixie


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that is so sexy. clean. I love it.

Dang! It even looks pretty on your site!

It is gonna be such a show stopper! That metallic green is really amazing in person and in the sunlight.

Thanks for showing it off here for me.

Our pleasure. When in first got into cycling, one of the guys on our team and at the shop had an old purple Masi with gold lettering. I don’t remember the model, but the tubes were bonded together, instead of welded. He still rides that bike today as his rain bike.

That was the old Team 3V- it as nicknamed the Purple People Eater. It was smoking hot!

Keep your eyes open on the next few models coming out from us… good stuff cooking.

That’s right it was the Team 3V.

Any idea how much?  Can’t find any prices online for the current or the future frame…

Hey Ed-

The complete bike is around $700 (or less) depending on the retailer. I’m trying to do the frame and fork separately as well, but so far production can’t keep up with demand for the bikes! Keep an eye on my blog or the website for further details in the future.

Tim Jackson
Brand Manager- Masi Bicycles

@Tim - thanks!!

(I want one!)