Magnetic Yellow Card


by Byron on Sep 27, 2006 at 9:33 AM

The Magnetic Yellow Card, is a magnet cyclists can toss onto cars when a driver has endangered their life.

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What a great idea!  Thanks for the heads up!


Oh I get it, when I am in the process of dodging a high speed vehicle and trying to save my life from a bad driver; I pull the magnetic card out of my pocket and ever so politely place it on the automobile.  Give me a break!  Save your life and bike first, swear and yet later.

Or better yet, try a Zen approach and let it all go. Not easy, but I’m working on it. Annoyance number one for me is blocking the cycling lane.

DL Byron is correct.  Sometimes I think we play the victim too much, just to be right about something.  People in cars may not be nice to you, but they’re also not nice to other people in cars.