Like riding with Armstrong’s leg


by Byron on Sep 03, 2006 at 9:46 AM

Switched the Stokemonkey setting to high-mode today on Bettie and flew up Admiral Way for a morning coffee run to Metropolitan Market. The high setting was like having an extra leg, Armstrong’s leg in fact, when you consider the Stokemonkey is putting out 430 watts at a cadence of 80!

I grabbed the coffee, more groceries, loaded Bettie’s FreeLoaders, and headed back home by way of Schooner Exact, where I tasted their latest pale ale. To make sure I condition the battery properly (as Todd told us), I flipped the switch back to low mode and cruised up the hills back home.

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feeling better, then? now you gotta make sure eamon & crew know it gets better. i’ll still send you the drainbrain to make sure you’re getting the normal experience. that will let us talk about the performance difference of the large pack in terms that mean something, too.

Indeed and I bet once we get that disc brake rub fixed that’s going to correct much of the drag.

Hey! Without a parking brake on bettie, it rolls much better. Eamon adjusted the brake, we’ve got another Xtracycle on the way to replace the defective disc mount, and will be good to go.