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by Andrew Martin on Feb 08, 2010 at 9:05 PM

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A local fair-trade coffee shop, Caffe Ladro has this nice little 12oz. travel mug. It’s exactly the size for a latte from my Nespresso machine. This morning I thought I’d be clever and save myself the $5 at the office and “pack my own” for the ride. Well it made it for the hour ride without spilling…but it was cold when I got to the office. Back to the drawing board.

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An imperfect alternative that I’ve used successfully while commuting is a half liter bottle like they sell at REI. If you use steel/alu cages without the security tab against the seat tube, it holds together on anything but the most epic pavement. For extra security, you can slip on a “can coozy” before slotting it into the cage, and it won’t move at all.

The cap could make for a nicer cup, but it *is* leakproof and well insulated. I can still come home from work and have a nice cup of coffee when I forget to pack it.

I second Champs’ recommendation.  I bought a 16oz Thermos brand vacuum bottle.  It slender enough to fit in a bottle cage and it’ll keep two cups of coffee hot all day.

have you all met [Senor Muggy, the travel press]( Bodum made one of these themselves sans the Mavic sticker.

Check out this website:

More bicycle friendly coffee-container reviews than you can shake a stick at.

I’ve been a fan of Ladro since for year love that place and the espresso chip coffee cake.  Drinkability while riding is a big one for me, but I’m leery of the handlebar mount ones (and I’m not a big fan of the aesthetics).  As for the french press, if your a coffee snob like me, you know that a proper brew means pouring the coffee out of the press after four minutes. 

I’ll have to give the Ladro thermos a go; hopefully I get the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine for my birthday.

And you want the [bottomless portafilter]( when you get your Rancilio. People mod those btw, for an even more perfect pour.

The jury is out on bottomless porta-filters.  But I will be getting the digital temperature control unit.

The latest hoopla in the coffee world is skimming of the ‘sacred’ americano crema.  Jury is out on that one too.

We just switch between the bottomless (they need a better name) and bottomed and that also gives us more time between cleanings. The Rancilio is a remarkable machine, just keeps pouring everyday. We have the Rocky too. I didn’t see much need to go to the digital unit as we’re not in a big hurry in the mornings—let the machine warm up; first pour is like an appetizer and by the 3rd, you’re into the goods.

Have you considered the insulated Klean Kanteen? I haven’t tried taking it on the bike, but it seems to work well for my daily cup of coffee.

I use a 0.75 L Sigg thermos and carry it in my mess bag. It fits a full pot from my 8-cup french press almost perfectly, and keeps it drinkable until the end of the day. It’s usually gone well before that.

I don’t really see the point of making a latte an hour before you’re going to drink it though. Espresso drinks need to be drunk fresh and hot (Americanos seem to the exception to this rule). If you want to save money, stick with drip/press in a thermos, otherwise I think you’re stuck with shelling out $5 per latte.

At least Ladro’s are worth it. Yum.

a friend got me the double-wall stainless mug from Starbucks a few months ago.  i use it in my Soma Fab coffee mug holder.  The Starbucks product is amazing!  It is much better than any thermos brand or other insulated coffee mug that I have ever used.  it can keep your coffee very warm for hours.  the top is a reverse twist—one way opens the top, the other way opens the mug to take sips. i couldn’t find a picture of it but it has a small faux wood handle.  i can’t say enough good things about this mug/thermos….super high quality.  i love the coffee at cafe ladro and other cafe’s, but in this deparment, i must give credit where it is due.  the starbucks stainless mug may not do so well in a bottle cage because of the handle, but you can slip this in the Soma Fab coffee holder or just anywhere in your bag—-it won’t leak…the seal is way impressive….i’m amazed how well it can keep beverages warm—-for hours.

I have the Soma handlebar mount too…but I never got it installed.  It doesn’t work on a 31.8 bar and I don’t have any 26.0 bars on any of my bikes. 

For the Ladro “Bullet” I actually put it in a thin beer coozy to keep it from rattling.  It’s perfectly quiet, but doesn’t help with the insulation.

here’s the picture of the mug that can keep your drinks warm for a crazy long time.

only downside is the handle is probably going to get in the way if placed in a water bottle cage.  i’ve had this mug go upside down and it doesn’t spill.