Kona Ute with Bags


by Byron on May 01, 2009 at 7:42 AM

We’ve always dug the Kona Ute and like it even more with those orange bags. I could see a Plain Clothes Cyclist plan a whole outfit around the bike. Pair it with some bike to work pants, these shoes maybe, and a comfortable shirt.


Matching functionality with style doesn’t just happen. Considerable thought went into this bike. You can tell from the color palette that’s matching bags, wood plank, and seat.

The Kona Ute with bags pops on the sale floor.

Sure, the Cargonistas would complain, “but it’s not an X or have 26 inch wheels – boohoo.” Who cares, really? Straight up it’s a great, simple, stylish cargo bike. Not unlike another fav of ours the Cargo T.

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I gotta say that I LOVE my Ute. I have last-year’s green version, which doesn’t look quite as smooth. No wooden deck or cork handles. I did add the ginormous bright orange saddle bags, and I get lots of comments on those.

My only complaint: they wen really cheap on the kickstand, and if you are really trying to load it up the bike will tip over. Best to just lean it against a wall.

Just ordered mine 5 minutes ago.  I hope I love it too.  In addition to groceries and stuff it is going to be my RAGBRAI bike.  I am going to try and tote a moderately stocked bar, blender, and stereo.

Rock. Do you blog? If so, blog that RAGBRAI ride up.

Picked one up on Saturday from Second Ascent.  Absolutely love it so far, very fun to ride.  For $900 that bike is a steal.

I do love my Ute, and I think the orange bags look great. I’ve had it for 4 weeks, and I ride with two girls on the back to school, and out for grocery runs.
I have learned that $150 of groceries will fit in the saddle backs, but if it’s too heavy the bike gets really wobbly.

That’s the weight limit of the 700 (road) wheels v. Mtn. But it also rides really damn nice, below that. We’ve called it a “light-duty longtail.”

I’m not sure that an additional 3” diameter would make that much difference.  Has anyone tried putting 26” wheels under a Ute to see if it makes any difference at all to handling?

(I look at it and think “There’s no way I can properly place drop bars on that thing!” —at least with the much-hated xtracycle I could convert my gofast bike and still have a geometry that’s suited for long rambles in the countryside (even if it’s not suited for fat 28mm tires and fenders.  Oh well.))