Keanu Reeves Winning a Bike Race!


by Byron on Aug 20, 2011 at 10:18 AM

You’ve really got to want it is right! This American Flyers-inspired commercial features a young Keanu getting coached by his dad and winning a bike race. Then rewarding himself with a refreshing Coke.

Keanu does Coke after cycling. I don’t remember seeing this. Do you? Would’ve been totally awesome if he was a Surfer, Cutter, Dude bike racer and said, “bro” after winning.

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Too bad he wasn’t played by Boonen, then he could have had coke IN season.

There are a few things I can’t pass up on mentioning.

1) The reason we don’t remember this is that it’s from Canada. If you listen to the lyrics behind the “A Coke!” line you’ll hear something like “the biggest taste in Canada…Coke is it!”

2) Anyone else find it funny that in Canada the commercial celebrates the guy who came in second?

3) The big coaching from his dad is “you’ve really got to want it”? My dad used to say that to me about iced cream, it’s not really all that motivational.