Indisputable proof that second-hand smoke kills


by Byron on Jun 27, 2006 at 6:11 PM

The Surgeon General affirmed today what many already knew about smoking. Second-hand smoke kills and there’s no debate. The Surgeon General also testified that smoking sections do no good and said that, “Smoke-free environments are the only approach that protects nonsmokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.”

I hope this means that some day soon, all states will ban smoking in public and the world will be a better place for cyclists and everybody.

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prove to me second hand smoke kills.  Then explain to me how a 104 year old woman smoking 3 packs a day is still alive.


I don’t think I need to prove anything, the surgeon general has done it. Smokers can smoke all they want, right, problem is when that smoke gets into other people’s lungs.

I’m sorry, but the surgeon general has not proven second hand smoke kills.  There is no evidence anywhere, scientific or otherwise that proves second hand smoke kills.  However, it is noted almost everywhere that the surgeon general “believe” passive smoking kills. I believe in a lot of things but I’m not going to LIE or MISLEAD people into thinking that my beliefs are fact!  That’s just wrong, especially for someone in a profession as he is.  I’ve been researching this for years and have yet to find the actual proof.  (Just so you know, I am a non-smoker).  Thank you!

Don’t the cigarette companies agree? Pretty sure they do, see the [Second Hand Smoke]( facts. Regardess of what you believe, Washington State and others are now smoke free in public places.

Agree?  The tobacco industry is actually divided on that.  Let’s take two of the largest manufacturers;  Phillip Morris agrees that what has been reported could be factual.  Reynolds believe the reports to be scientifically inconclusive. 

And you are correct, whether I believe it or not, there are more smoke free public places now.  That’s great, but that still does not prove passive smoking kills. 

I think the smell is a nuisance (cough, cough) but I also think perfume and cologne, especially used in excess, is just as bad.

The real issue for me is that the Bill of Rights was created so ALL men (and women) are given the freedom of choice.  But smokers do not have that freedom because the law was based on “beliefs” rather than fact.  This law is just for non-smokers. 

But this is just how I feel. (shrug) I will continue my research.  Maybe someday I will have it in my hand. :)

As a smoker I am a little tired of being pushed out in the cold for my choices, however I am also a considerate smoker to some extent, eg I will not light up near people eating or on a busy street nor a stuffy area purely for the fact that ciggarettes stink.

It is refreshing seeing a few non smokers are remaining open minded about this weird debate/issue.

Surely there are alot more devastating things hurting us in our atmosphere at the moment (eg excessive car use >3 cars per household seems the norm here which is ludicrous)

Second Hand smoke kills is a myth. I don’t like smelling like smoke anymore than the next guy but their is no solid evidence that it does kill. Show me the studies and the evidence. Do you know how many baby-boomers grew up with parents who smoked who donot die of lung cancer? People in todays society don’t like it so they become hysterical about their health.

People in todays society don’t like it so they become hysterical about their health.