I’m with Big Dummy


by Byron on May 16, 2008 at 7:41 AM

I commandeered the “I’m with Big Dummy” shirt from the schwag Surly sent us for the Mobile Social. It’s well timed with Bettie 2.0 arriving at Hugga HQ and I’ll wear it as I ride Bettie New around town.


More on Bettie 2.0 as we test ride her, but the quick review is

The bike is remarkably quiet. All I hear is the tires. Old Bettie was a cacophony of sound with the Stokemonkey, two chain rings and gears. It’s also like I went from driving a beat-up old truck to an Escalade. It’s smooth. Now that I understand how Nuvinci shifts, it’s a thing of drivetrain beauty. Also slow. Smooth and slow.

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And heavy.  Don’t forget heavy, the bloody thing has to weigh 10-12 pounds.  Smooth, slow and heavy—like a good groove.

That’s right—like a funky bass groove from Bootsy Collins. It’s smooth, slow, and heavy.