Ibex opens retail store in Seattle


by Mark V on Dec 07, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Ibex store opening in Seattle

Ibex Outdoor Clothing, purveyor of wool technical apparel, has just opened up their second retail location in the United States, right here in Seattle. Ibex’s Keith Anderson made it out from the Vermont HQ to be present for the opening. Located in University Village, less than 400M from the Burke-Gillman Trail, Ibex’s retail space is smaller than a cavern but bigger than a whole in the wall, brightly lit, and well appointed with Ibex’s wool fabric active wear. For a non-cycling specific store, it was kinda cool to see the bike wear so prominently. I’m really curious about the “El Fit” 3/4 bibshort (um, let’s just call it a bibknicker). Besides the combination of merino wool and heavy weight lycra panels, the knickers actually have a WOOL CHAMOIS. That is, it has a modern, high-tech multi-layer chamois that incorporates a top contact layer using wool. And it is very soft to the touch.

Ibex store opening in Seattle

Outside of the these “Shak Two-Layer” gloves were really nice too, especially in the orange colour.

Ibex store opening in Seattle

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Wool Chamois??  That doesn’t sound comfortable at all!

Is this more incredibly expensive stuff that already exists, but in “orange colour?”


dude, you realize that there’s all kinds of wool out there, right?  i got vintage jerseys that are super scratchy and i have a wool pillow case so soft that i’ve gotten into fisticuffs with gfs over.  this is definitely like the latter.

Their 17.5 micron stuff feels like worn silk… I’d want to know what that felt like after 4 hours in the saddle and if it lost it’s shape too. Worst shorts I’ve worn in years were Icebreakers cause the pad was terrible.

I have a pair of the El Fito tights and a few of their wool jerseys.  The stuff fits perfectly and is really well made.  One of my jerseys is almost 10 years old and sees almost daily use.  The shorts have a much greater comfortable temperature range than my lycra kit.  Its what I commute in this time of year.  Expensive but worth it in my opinion.