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boy am i glad no one got video of my first clinic.  wait.  i think velonews was there.  DAMN THEM!

In parts 1 - 4 publishing later this week, Tim goes through all his secrets and I don’t get much better . . .

Mark V, nice camera work… This is some highly entertaining Hugga casting. I love the repeated use of Byron biting it.

parts 1-5, actually…

@Dapper Lad

yeah, i was thinking of looping it a la Max Headroom, but then it worked better with the music to build it to the aircraft overhead.

yep, that was fun…

Tim rocks like Slayer…he was showing me how to do a madison arm sling during last year’s Redline photo shoot.  Nice video Mark…looks like you guys had some fun.  Guys like Tim make me miss working in the bike industry.


Wow Byron - I’m shitty at cross, but my friend…you are terrible :)

I feel like I’m on a d-lister reality show—it’s all the editing man, the producer had it out for me, trying to make me look bad.

Also for those readers that now have [Whale’s Hobo Humping Slobo Babe]( stuck in their head, here’s the backstory.

...why didn’t you just hop that little 2x4?

It’s a railroad tie and for purposes of practicing.

we didn’t have any real cross barriers with us that day, so the rail road tie was the closest facsimile.  trust me, the thought crossed my mind since i was on an mtb with drop bars. 

however, in a real cross race, they’re apt to put the short barriers in tight series to make it impossible to bunny hop without plowing into the next one.

the rail road ties served their purpose, but i wish they had been a bit taller so that they were actually a tripping hazard.

Kudos fore being brave enough to show off how much you suck!  I’m right there with ya’. Hope we’re both better by the time Cross Crusade rolls around.