Howard Rides the Rockies


by Byron on Jun 30, 2006 at 7:58 AM

Howard sent us a link to his personal account of Ride the Rockies. “419 miles later… and now we’ve spent the entire weekend recovering. It hasn’t been enough. And there’s not enough Advil in the world to make us all better.”

Good work Howard. The first thing I always tell anyone that asks me about preparing for an epic ride is to use chamois creme (tip, Noxema works really well).

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Thanks for the tip, Byron, but my saddle’s pretty decent, so my butt wasn’t really the matter. More like all-around aches and pains and protestations. Also, though I’ve never used it, I thought the stuff was called chamois “butter” because of the nifty yet disgusting pun.

Once you had an ingrown hair, you’ll understand why chamois creme is strongly recommended!

Thanks for information