How we doin’?


by Andrew Martin on Jan 19, 2007 at 4:23 PM

I barely got in 30 minutes on the trainer last night after nearly being derailed from my challenge to ride every day (damn dinner parties). How is the rest of the crew doing out there?

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I have a bike that runs great, so i’m doing quite well.

Yeah - assuming I got the right blog…this looks like it runs just fine.  Very cool.  And having gone to school in the Chicago area - I know the importance of the mtn bike for getting out there on the snowy midwest days.

I’ve actually been on my bike every day since Halloween. I rode regularly for years before that, but Halloween is when I went car-free. Well, not 100% voluntarily. The clutch went out on my car, and I decided to bike, instead. I have a 38 mile round trip commute, and I do it minimum 4 days/week. On the days I bum a ride to work with a friend, I ride my bike to do errands when I get home. So that’s two and a half months I haven’t missed a day on the bike.

I’m trying a zen, “it’ll be ok to riding this year,” With the Maui tour, back to snow, sick for a while, and training, I’m just trying to relax and realize it’ll be a long Spring and Summer.


Just finished a 13 mile ride of long gradual hills and flat straits by the river. I have not missed a day yet but have come close.(FREEZING).

Now a cup of coffee and T-Time @ 10:00AM

Have a good one!

Mike - that’s quite a streak.  I’ve still got a car, but I quietly challenge myself to keep it parked as much as possible.  Have you looked at an Xtracycle?  Either that or a trailer to make Costco runs a little more practical.  Messenger bags and panniers can only do so much.

David - I hear you on the freezing.  I was happy to have the single-speed cross bike for getting out to play in the snow and ice. 

Andrew—-thanks for the props. I have considered an Xtracycle, particularly the upcoming Surly Big Dummy, but I have a small apartment. The Xtracycle is a bit too long for me to accomodate, I think. Same for a trailer. There are folding trailers but that seems like a pain to deal with every time I want to go shopping. I live alone so my grocery trips are pretty small. :-) My panniers and bag actually do the trick. Now, there may be a Surly Long Haul Trucker or Kogswell P/R in my future—and those will handle a LOT of cargo.


Also, the Dutch Cargo bikes! Those are going to arrive in the Northwest very soon

I have a 9 consecutive days in my bag so far this year,Nothing close to that nonstop since halloween from Mike, Hope to keep it up but the weather has been helping a lot here in northern spain, forecasts say winter arrives tomorrow. I´m ready to ride along….until it gets freezing
I Loved that fan in Andrew´s trainer. If I had one of those trainers I would surely use a fan just like that, great idea.


Spain! Didja see our posts from Spain, some of the best riding ever — we rode near Girona and Barcelona.

I’m just happy that our local weathermen were wrong. They all predicted a wet winter here on the Florida gulf coast, due to el Nino. We have actually had a dry winter, with just a bit of cold weather—-down into the 20s a few mornings. Good weather definitely makes bike commuting easier. Once the summer thunderstorms hit I may be less motivated…..