Hipsters discussing Cyclocross


by Byron on Nov 17, 2009 at 6:33 PM

The dudes that are good at it have lots of tattoos …

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It’s because tattoos make you waterproof, right? Is bike polo already blasé?

Bike polo needs to make it more like Mad Max Thunderdome than just riding around. Penalty boxes and so on. My favorite line is

> When I flew to Japan to buy fancy track bike parts, I did the longest most badass skid that has ever happened. It was historic.


> Let’s got to the race and stand besides the course 2 feet from the racers and smoke cigarettes.

and soon, gears will become ironically fashionable and hipsters will be seen sporting 3 rings front and 11 back.

And it’s days like this in Seattle where you wonder if someone’s choice of tight jeans resulted in a very uncomfortable ride. They must question their choice at some point wondering if they’re suffering too much for fashion.

There is a French saying: “one must suffer to be cute”. I’d imagine the same is true if one wants to be truly hip. Fashion is an obligation, not a casual choice.