Hipster in a Hugger Shirt


by Byron on Aug 30, 2006 at 7:48 AM

Hugger Shirt Scott, our hip designer and brand manager, took this self portrait with a camera phone while biking to the store in a Hugger tshirt.

Nice. Those shirts will be showing up all over P-town, in Vegas for Interbike, and later this year San Fran and Girona, Spain.

We’ve also got a Canadian Contingent wearing them. Hello Canadians!

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As a member of the Canadian contingent with a great Bike Hugger shirt—Hello!

Hello! Where at in Canada? I grew up in Calgary and Oshawa.

Originally from the Woodstock area, now in Barrie.

Where’s his helmet? Too hip for that?

I believe that Scott is safety conscious and wouldn’t relate helmets to hipness or lack of it, but as a rule I never ride without one. Crashing in a bike race or getting hit by a car will install that rule very quickly.

In this case, it was about a 10 block ride on really mellow side streets - I didn’t really feel like I needed a helmet at all.

Of course, I know that I could still get hit by a car on mellow side streets…but it just seems so unlikely.

In theory I agree that everyone should wear a helmet every time they ride; in reality, I rarely wear one. I’m not sure why. (My wife keeps bugging me about the non-helmet riding as well.)

I bet you’d wear a Bike Hugger Helmet! With our logo on it.