High-end road bike demand surging


by Frank Steele on Apr 24, 2006 at 1:55 PM

The Boston Globe | Would you spend $14,000 for this bike?

Douglas Belkin writes about how high-end road bike sales, and prices, are through the roof. The most expensive built bikes now are around $14-15,000, but dealers say you’ll see a $20,000 road bike soon.

”The first time I saw a $10,000 bike was a few years ago,” said Stephen Madden, the editor of Bicycling magazine, which is based in Pennsylvania. ”It kind of blew my mind, but now it’s really pretty easy to spend $8,000 on a bike. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but there are plenty out there.”

Belkin says sales have increased from 145,000 high-end road bikes in 2000 to 498,000 in 2005.

Along those lines, Greg Lemond introduced a new all-carbon fiber frame whose 55-cm examples weigh 950 grams. It’s called the Triomphe.

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Believe it fellas - building a custom dream machine can cost upwards of twenty grand. Personally, I’d rather ride my Fondy than in a twenty thousand dollar car. Considering I sourced out the super exotic components through websites like poshbike.com and found my frame through my local shop La Carrera in Toronto.

Hate to sound arrogant, but it was a beautiful experience being flown to Italy for two days to have my ‘06 TF1 built bespoke for my body. This was a paltry 8 grand for the frame, fork and headset.

My wheels are Lightweight Obermayers at another $5500.

Campy Record 10QS Drivetrain with the rare find of my Zero Gravity Cranks, poshbike Ti nitride cassette, Speedplay Zero Ti pedals ran just shy of another Six K.

The new LE Zero G 666 brakes were too sexy to pass up.

Extremity Parts Like the Schmolke carbon TLO bars and seatpost, AX lightness phoenix saddle and Zeus stem were another $2700

Add it all up and it gives me joy to ride every Sunday along the lake in the summer. Leave the Honda with the salesman, Ride a Fondriest.