Great bike video—“Monday”, just an average ride


by Dave R. on Jan 10, 2008 at 10:17 PM

This is pretty much exactly what my daily ride is like, except for the sound track, mountain biking, bmxing, trialing, and fantastic scenery (at least at this time of year) and almost everything else.

The joy of riding though? These guys nail it.

The rider is Mike Bentham, a trials rider out of Victoria BC who’s recently re-launched his website. If you’ve been watching trials videos in the past you’ve probably seen his stuff before.

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Do you have the six-pack abs like the dude in the video?

You’d think he’d be hungry after riding all day on only a bowl of cereal.

I first saw this video over the holidays and have watched it several times since. It’s hypnotic.  Just excellent.

that is excellent!!