Georg Jensen Bikes


by Jason Swihart on Oct 18, 2008 at 4:30 PM

Hunting for some computer supplies on Saturday morning, I ran into these urban single speed commuters branded by the high-end metalware maker Georg Jensen. They’re beautiful in person, but utterly impractical.

Georg Jensen Bikes

Georg Jensen Bikes

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those look an AWFUL lot like rebranded Sögreni Classics.  That’s reinforced by the fact that both Sögreni and Georg Jensen are Danish companies.

I’m not sure I’d call the Sögrenis impractical except in that they’re spectacularly expensive.  The seem immensely practical presuming you’ve got a bottomless bank account.

You could argue that fixed and single were totally impractical; especially those ones with the really small bars for cutting traffic. Having just spent a day riding [a single speed folder](, they’re also very liberating to just get out and ride as transportation.

Like with Civia, we have no issued with high-end bikes. There are plenty in the low end and if it appeals to a clientele with disposable income, great. Get them out on the bike paths as well.

I saw those in the Taipei 101 shop. I agree, very pretty but my fixed gear conversion
does the job just as well without a bank loan. Not that I wouldn’t turn one away…