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by Byron on Mar 18, 2011 at 11:42 AM

Flatstock Posters Bikes Ballroom A

Shawn O’Keefe mentioned I should visit the Flatstock Rock Poster Convention during SXSW. I did and discovered that poster people are into the bike too!

Vive Le Velo

Flatstock Posters Bikes 061

More photos from Flatstock are on Flickr.

Note: I walked the show just before leaving for the Airport and didn’t get the names of the poster makers. That last poster I saw before we leaving was “make some damn shit,”

Flatstock Posters Bikes: Make Some Damn Shit

A couple years ago, the focus of the talks I do and this blog was do epic shit. Our readers still remember that. Something about the slogan rang true. What it meant then and now is

Make meaningful, interesting stuff, challenge yourself, live and work hard with a fire in the belly.

It was cool to see the printer equivalent of Do Epic Shit. When I took the photo, I thought, “that’s right. Make some damn shit too.”

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as a poster-making bikehugger fan, it kills me to have missed my first domestic flatstock, and have THIS be the time you show up to look at bike prints (of which i have many). glad you enjoyed austin.

Not only that, but I would’ve missed it, if Shawn O’Keefe hadn’t insisted I take the camera into the ballroom.