Roadside Finds


by Byron on Jan 31, 2009 at 8:25 AM

After posting the toilet I found once during a ride (and Pam refused to let me bring it home), I’m inventorying the other objects I’ve found. A Baby Croc and a Garden Gnome are included

Baby Croc & Gnome


  • Monies
  • Screwdrivers, pliers
  • Gloves
  • Keys
  • unconscious homeless person

and this potentially priceless Ichiro illustration

Roadside Find: Ichiro Illustration

What have you found?

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I keep finding bottles full of apple juice.  Some full, some partially full.  They don’t always have apple juice labels though…  hmmmm….

And who here hasn’t found some porn by the roadside?

Well that’s weird—apple juice bottles. Yep, have found porn by the roadside and it was a collection from the 80s. Hustler with big hair. When we toured Southeast Alaska, we followed “the fruit eater.” Never saw the dude, but did see all the fruit he ate and tossed aside—Apples, Bananas, lots of bananas. Once I even checked the freshness of the fruit to determine how far ahead he was, like I was a tracker. That was the same ride, I rode 26 miles for [an espresso](

A contractor must have left his tailgate open, because by the time I got home I had literally stocked my garage with 75 pounds of slightly scratched Snap-on tools.  I was picking up tools and driver bits for 20 miles!  Full Disclosure: I did put a ‘found’ ad in the paper to keep my Karma in place…  I only heard from a few guessers.

My favorite item found is money! I’ve found a total of $70 on the side of the road. But I’ve seen just about everything, which reminds me of a C.H.I.P.S episode where Ponch & Jon were giving tickets to people that picked up stuff off the side of the freeway.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have found porn DVDs by the side of the road. What’s up with that?

Well there’s karma in roadside finds, I suppose . . .

In my first year of road racing, I went on a 4th of July solo 70 mile ride on the Palouse in WA from Pullman down to the Snake river & along it and back. It was over 100 degrees & I had only 2 small bottles of water & 1 cliff bar. After bonking on the tailwind section, I found a package of peanut butter crackers on the side of the road on my way back home after turning around along the Snake into a 15 MPH headwind. That’s the only thing that got me up the 7 mile grade & 40 miles back home. I was very glad for them.


I know that road and ride! Done it and that’s one helluva climb.

I’ve found the usual odds & ends: various tools, bungee cords, car parts (especially spark plugs), clothing (gloves, hats, etc).

A few days ago I found a $10 bill. Woo-hoo!

Re- ‘apple juice’ . That’s not apple juice! It’s a truck driver relieving himself via the empty gatorade jug he had in the cab and then tossing out the window. Gotta keep on truckin, no time to pee on the side of the road!

I have found and carried home unopened bottles of really high quality olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, fish Sauce, mirin, and sake; a 1962 Schwinn Speedster; A couple of other bikes; a cool bamboo covered adult tricycle; a $50 bill; a wig (then tossed it- eww gross); random pornos when I was a kid; a ‘tobacco’ pipe when I was a kid (wondering who would use such a thing to smoke cigarettes); a small tree in a flower pot (gave to my GF), a wallet.

I’m forgetting a lot more. 


best so far for my findings on the roads of NM was a brand-new still-in-box heat-gun. After a brief bargin with my riding buddy that day, he took it home.

On trail best find (also in NM) was an 18” crescent wrench.  It was a somewhat remote and seldom used trail. Hmm. Now I’m thinking that I should have checked it for bone fragments…

For several weeks there had been a blanket lying trailside along my commute. Eventually, someone moved it so that it’s frozen form was identifiable as “Sad Kimiko in Snow” from one of my favorite webcomics Megatokyo.  I brought it home and washed it and it turned out to be in nearly pristine condition.

Pictures and such here:



Wow. Reminds me of the sad, locked bike I rode by 400 times last year on Alki. It was an old Schwinn, locked to a light pole, with it’s saddle bag ransacked, then one day it was gone.

There’s a group called Bicycle Road Finds on Flickr.

Thanks—fixedgear pointed that out and I linked to it in our flickr group.