Even Lighter Carbon Wheels from Lew


by Byron on Jul 12, 2007 at 10:55 AM

3flange.jpg We’re working on getting a set of Lew wheels on the hugga’s bikes for a review; especially after they announced a sub 1,000 gram wheelset made with their PRO VT-1 tubular rims, Tune hubs, Sapim spokes, and hybrid-ceramic bearings. Weight weenies can customize the wheels further to sub 880 grams with various upgrades. Also check the Tech Talk video with Paul Lew (Windows Media).

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At half price, I think a lot of carbon wheels are going to have to come down in price. Zipp and Reynolds will definitely have to re-evaluate when for just a bit more, you can get something that weighs so much less.

Any chance of a tubeless clincher version? I am pretty excited by tubeless tires, and am waiting for it to spread beyond DA wheels.

I think we’ll see carbon wheels mainstreamed and spec’d OEM soon. With prices coming down and exceptional quality from all the manufacturers, it’s inevitable.

Reynolds Attack are aimed squarely at the Krysiums and as our reviews show, they’re a def choice. One thing the manufacturers need to do is get brake pads figured out, if they want to increase market share beyond racers and towards enthusiasts.

I’d migrate to tubeless as soon as possible and I hope we see it soon!