Donkey Boxx for Bike Cargo


by Byron on Mar 30, 2011 at 1:20 PM

Donkey Boxx Bicycle Pannier

Donkey Boxx is a practical box-like bicycle pannier made of 80% recycle corrugated plastic.

Donkey Boxx Bicycle Pannier

It’s been in works for a few years and is just like the Postal boxes we carry on Bettie now, but with a lid!

Bettie 2.0 Another Run

Put the Big Bag of Win on back, these on your bike, and you’re carrying some cargo!

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Great find guys, these hit all the bases for me.

Recycled / recyclable
Made in the USA (actually in the area where I grew up)
and as a bonus
Made by disabled folks.

Agreed. It’s a great product.

I bought 2 pairs last night

Our sample just arrived. Quite nice!