Delta Lowers Fees for Bicycles UPDATED


by Byron on Oct 17, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Good news for travelers, @mzsitka tipped me to an email sent out today to travel managers that fees for bicycles have been lowered to $55 from $150.00 by Delta and their partners AirFrance/KLM. The changes haven’t shown up on their website yet because they take affect later this week.


We always travel with folding or S&S bikes to avoid fees. If you’re shipping a full-size bike in a big case, that’s a significant fee reduction.


See the comment below from Delta. They did not lower their fees and the email was in error.

We’ve covered the ridiculous $150 before and it’s in place as a deterrent. As I’ve discussed before posting this, Delta does not want you to fly bikes on their planes because the cost is too high to repair or replace them. Another good reason to fly with a folding or S&S-coupled bike.

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Hey, and the antlers (or other hunting trophies) you’re hauling back from far-flung locales are cheaper to bring with, too!

There is no change for U.S. flights (zone 3).  Still $150.

@riff correct. these are for international flights, which we do. Asking Delta about domestic changes.

Hey everyone - Morgan here from Delta PR. I’ve looked into this. Bottom line, no specialtly baggage fees are chaging on Delta. I know there’s some confusion here, so sorry for that. Specialty bag fees have changed on our partner airlines Air France and KLM. A bulletin that my sales colleagues put out to travel agencies was incorrect in suggesting that their changes aligned our fees. They don’t. What we have at is always the best resource. Tweet me @MorganDurrant if I can clear anything else up. Many thanks.


All who read this, I parsed that email at least 15 times before posting this. Checked, referenced, and to learn it was a mistake.

Sorry. Send your comments to @delta and their PR rep.

I think they noticed the mentions and traffic this generated and a good time now to remind them how ridiculous $150.00 for a bike is; especially when their partners have lowered fees.