David Byrne’s Bike Stolen


by Byron on Apr 17, 2007 at 2:52 AM

Clarence from StreetFilms wrote to tell us that David Byrne just had his bicycle stolen! See Byrne on StreetFilms and Jason’s post on a chance encounter with him at SXSW.

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Is there anybody cooler than David Byrne?  I saw him at the Showbox a couple years ago with Paul of Lysle from Wines of WA - Tasting Room (Go see them - they sponsor bike racing).  Amazing music, and some rather poignant commentary on the direction of the environment.  The guy is very grounded for a celebrity and he’s realistic with his expectations.

I remembered Byrne’s blog.  More interesting commentary there including some on his bike advocacy:
Bike Forum.

Sad day for Mr. Byrne.  His bike will never be same as it ever was…

And without it he’s “letting the days go by”