Cyclocross Vermont Style: The Putney


by Dave R. on Nov 18, 2007 at 12:18 PM

Here’s a pre-race write up of the West Hill Shop Cyclocross Race in Putney Vermont. It’s a great taste of Cyclocross on the other coast. It sounds like the fall in VT has been a bit more autumnal than what we’ve been having here in Seattle this year, wood stoves and cider are par for the course. What I like most about the HUP write-up is the focus on the locals. It seems like great spectators is a universal feature of cx races no matter how unique the locals are.

The race was actually last weekend, but here are the results, some photos, and video of this years race just went up a few days ago.

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Hey Dave-
Good call covering the VT scene. I went to boarding school in Putney and wear a West Hill kit when I ride around in Chicago. The shop is called (or at least my jersey and shorts say) the West “Hill” Shop, so named after the hill we had to ride up to finish every ride to get back to school. I am glad it isn’t called the West “Hills” shop or we probably would have never would have made it home…
Keep it up!
Matt M

Thanks for the catch Matt, post updated to drop the un-necessary s.