Cyclists Attacked in Portland


by Byron on Jan 18, 2007 at 7:56 AM

A reader altered us to the attack on cyclists and Bike Portland has posted about it. “Two cyclists said they were attacked by three teenagers near a north Portland bus stop on Wednesday. “

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I’ve been lucky to not have experienced the same, though I’ve had things thrown at me - mostly by a-hole car drivers (and even then, mostly folks driving insanely large pickups). Then again, I don’t live in the most bicycle-enlightened state in the union…

This incident doesn’t surprise me too much though. Watch yourselves out there!

Having ended up on the wrong side of the law after a motorist confrontation, I should note, if at all possible it’s best to let it go. Obviously defending oneself and helping others is a priority. A long time ago, a motorist purposefully brushed a group of us and the prosecutor refused to charge them as none of us got hurt, just brushed