Crossing it up


by Frank Steele on Sep 13, 2006 at 10:34 PM

dfL Urban Outlaw Cyclo-cross-dress series

Who could resist San Francisco’s dfL Urban Outlaw Cyclo-cross- dress series? It’s a great way to get ready for cyclocross season, and a chance to show off your best tights under a fabulous little miniskirt.

If you show up in a dress, you save the $5 race fee, and there’s a Hunter frame going to the overall best dressed in the whole series.

You’ve already missed the first date: it was last night, but there’s still a 6 p.m. race September 20th at Crocker Amazon Park, another September 27th – same place and time, and the final race September 30th at 10 a.m. at Golden Gate Park, with a potluck to follow.

Update: Flickr user McBomb has posted photos from last night’s race. Here’s my favorite:

dfL Cyclo-cross-dress race

Also, the Specialized Angel has really let herself go.

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I’ve always wondered how it was possible that Cross wasn’t an xGames sport and maybe it’s the dresses. They should be in pants hanging off their asses, wife beaters, and tats, with mtn dew to be “xtreme.”