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by Byron on Aug 24, 2008 at 9:34 AM

With bikes from Redline, Bike Hugger is racing Cyclocross this year and blogging about Cross culture. Back in the day, way back in the formative years of Bike Hugger, I raced Cross for 2 seasons. At the time, the names were Norton, Grande, Undem, Rutledge, and others. Cross was just getting mainstreamed with a national series, a UCI race, and magazine coverage. Totally sucking at it — the Texas 2-step was my remount method — I eventually just focused on road.

In the Pacific Northwest, Cross is too big to ignore and we’ve got late season road racing this year at Interbike … so, here we go (cue Timerlake’s “bringing sexy back”) right into Cross season. Readers, please add your resouces, links, and thoughts in the comments.


Dialing the bikes in at Lincoln Park and watching the sunset.


We’re covering Starcrossed, CrossVegas during Interbike, will podcast quick tutorials with Redline, and maybe I’ll faceplant the sand pit at North Seatac again!

Cyclocross: An hour In hell

Also see Pure Sweet Hell.

Cross Primer


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awesome to see you guys posting about cross.  i’m gearing up for my first season myself!


Just riding cross for the first time myself. I put together a set of training barriers out of PVC pipe this afternoon. See you at South Seatac on Labor Day?

I like to warm up for the season with some laps in St. Edwards Park up in Kenmore.  Most of the terrain is pretty cross-bike friendly.  No barries, but that’s easy enough fake.  Maybe we need an informal BikeHugger training session up there.

Here’s some footage of me at CrossToberfest at St. Edwards a few years back in the costume relay.  Yes that is a shower I’m wearing, and no Byron - no Texas two step!  Thanks to Denny for capturing the moment.

Lincoln Park has it all for practice—including natural barriers—Pam and I have been working on techniques, run-ups, descents, all of that there.

I’m starting up a new series with some other promoters in the Seattle area called the Cascade Cross Series. Our courses are different than the usual, and as far north as Bellingham.  I’ve got other events linked on there, and I will add as much cultural stuff as I can handle.

very cool stuff. thanks for the link.  we should team up and meet up at star crossed & vegas.  contact us!