Cross 12 Wheel Quiver


by Byron on Aug 10, 2012 at 6:53 AM


13 Wheel Quiver

It’s gluing season at the shop and Mark V’s been at work, like a secret cementing santa, on our Cross wheel quiver. Another 3 1/2 wheel sets and that’s complete. In on test and review are Enves, Reynolds, MadFibers, and Stans. They join the Hevics and will get skewered into the D-Plus with this, XO 1 x 10 set up.


SRAM XO 1 x 10

Last time a derailer broke in during a ride was Chorus 8 speed and before that, Deore XT with thumb shifters. Rode it last night and the first 1/2 hour had some rough, popping shifts, then it worked itself out.

Main difference noticed in the XO Type 2 is it’s not slappy. It doesn’t shift like a road bike though, you need to pause slightly when the double-tap is clicked.

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What is your gearing for the 1x10 setup?

For that setup, anticipating climbing, a 44 with an 11-32. Normal setup is a 11-28. What SRAM has done with the Type 2 has made a derailer with, “maximum drivetrain stability.” In other words, a problem with 1 x 10 is under load they’re slappy. A roller bearing clutch stiffens it all up.

I’m still concerned about it under load and pressure from being at the limit physically and not having time or patience to stop pedaling for a milisecond to complete the shift. If it doesn’t work to my satisfaction, we can always add another chain ring. While there isn’t the numbers really in Cross for a market, certainly a marketing opportunity exists to develop a specific drivetrain. One that not only address shifting in those type of conditions, and how many gears you actually need, but a derailer that doesn’t tear off. Stuff like that. I’ve heard old guys around the sport wonder if you could run a rear disc brake only on some course. Also note that decades ago, they were running 3 speed internal hubs with 2 cogs attached. That was a 5 speed hi/lo.