C’mon Let Me Ride Video


by Byron on Dec 13, 2012 at 11:54 AM


“I get to ride this bicycle around that has deer antlers attached to the handlebars in a tank top, hunting vest, and daisy dukes.”


Eminem has a bike too, a lowrider, and rides it in Skylar Grey’s new video.

NSFW and cheers to more bike references in pop culture.

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How bad does a song have to suck ass such that even with the bike theme and hot chicks gyrating, I couldn’t make it through the video?

I’m sure this is very popular and switched on - in which case I’m just old and left behind…... and in this case… I’m ok with that….

Meanwhile… three words: “Bicycle Race - Queen”

Hahaha Kevin. Well said. We’re happy with more bikes in pop culture and the song has a good hook, but not really like one you remember.