Building Bettie, a sport-utility bike


by Byron on Aug 27, 2006 at 7:43 AM

Our sport-utility project bike, named Bettie, is being built. You can see Pam making a DIY cushion for Xtracycle’s SnapDeck, the boxes for the FreeRadical, and Stokemonkey.

Bettie, is a Bike Hugger project to build a sport-utility bike. Learn more by browsing the project tag tag. What’s a sport utility bike? It’s a bike that fits the cycling lifestyle. Use it to haul, commute, for fun, and to meet your transportation needs.

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I need to build a Betty (never mind that I already have a bike with that name!). Good time of the year to start project bikes, too.

Btw, the “projects” link in the post is 404.

Absolutely! All the parts are in the shop now being built up and I’ll blog it as she’s built. Thanks for the tip on the 404. That’s fixed. After the Bettie is done, we’ll have the custom carbon racing bike (and,  a total constrast—45 pounds v. 15)