Black Label Bike Club in NYTimes


by Byron on Nov 15, 2006 at 12:46 PM

On the front page of the NYTimes Style Section are members of the Black Label Bike Club preparing for a tall bike joust. The article is about the “5,000 Burners, as festival-goers are known, gathered Oct. 14 for a decompression party, part reunion and part fund-raiser for the Burning Man organization.” The Black Label Bike Club has as WikiPedia entry that credits them with contributing to the tall bike culture.

NYTimes has now covered one bike niche to another. From Campy Record owners to tall bike jousters.

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We do tall bike jousting here in Seattle.  Come to next year’s Dead Baby Down Hill.  The next Dead Baby Bikes ride is December 1st.  There are a lot of bikes on the ride!

Hey, Byron, we missed you for Kipchoge’s visit and concert.