by Frank Steele on Jul 21, 2006 at 1:07 PM

A little Friday afternoon fun:

I’ve seen a few freestyle/BMX shows, but never anything like this.

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That’s awesome!!

Hi Could you please send me the file of the bicribatics act, I would love to send it to a few bike riders i know, its fantastic.

Tony — you can click on the “Google Video” button on the video player, or just follow this link:

Google Video: Crazy Bike

From there, you can choose to e-mail the clip or download it for PC or Mac.

ok. ok. I’d watched this off/on in chunks and it is fantastic!

There is a video floating around of a similar bicycle acrobatic show but with a team of 5-6 riders all together.  Even more impressive

Thanks Christian. If we ever do a bike hugger event we’re inviting those boys.