Bike to Work Day sets Records


by Byron on Jun 07, 2007 at 3:56 AM

Cascade Bicycle Club counted more than 19,000 cyclists on Starbucks Bike to Work Day setting a new record for Seattle. The Group Health Commute Challenge also shattered expectations with more than 7,500 riders commuted an astonishing 997,830 miles. According to Cascade, that’s nearly a million pounds of CO2 saved. Not only that, but think of all the stress relief of not sitting in traffic.

Nationwide Iowa reports records, as well as San Francisco, Marin County.

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Though I live in Seattle, I was actually in San Fran on Bike-to-work Day this year (yes, I was on a bike). Let me tell you, what I saw there had NOTHING on the bike train you see heading up Dexter during Seattle’s BTW Day. To be fair, I may not have been on a major bike route, but I did pass by the goodie station right in front of City Hall. They give out excellent swag, I’ll hand them that.

Thanks for the perspective. I remember getting out late, waiting for the swing bride to close, and seeing a peloton of commuters! It was impressive.