Cyclocross: Kruger’s Kermesse


by Byron on Sep 08, 2008 at 12:00 PM

Bike Hugger raced Cross – kermesse style – at Kruger’s Farm. It was dusty, bumpy, crashy, and fun.


In Cyclocross, it’s better to look good then feel good, as demonstrated here by Sexy Shades or Cutters or the Russian racer from Breaking Away.




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When I ride cross (set to the tune of ‘when I’m 69’), the Kermesse race will be one of the first I go to. Looks like a ton of fun.

i don’t get it…. was it cyclocross or a kermesse?  you do know that a kermesse is a village fair, right?  basically, it means, “round-the-church” race as a small town criterium in conjunction during a fair. not a middle of nowhere dustbin event… which can also be fun.

As the [race flyer explains]( and I wrote “kernesse style,” it’s a kermesse raced on dirt with Cross bikes. Many Portlanders race it as a warm up to Cyclocross (with barriers). 

Based on the numbers we saw, it’s very popular.