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I am in the middle of my second week of beard growth. So far it is a pretty poor showing. Apparently my face isn’t a popular place for hair to party. And it will have to come off when I start my new job next week. But I won’t stop trying even if it takes me til I’m 80. Don’t let anyone hold you back from achieving your potential. You are doing a great job. You wouldn’t keep her from growing a beard if she wanted to, would you?

You do have to be careful. I hear that if your beard gets too long and gray “they” will take all your bikes and replace them with recumbents. Nooooooooo! Beware!(if your bikes are already recumbents I am not sure what happens)

Thats a rather decent bikebeard, in a couple of years you will start working at the harris cyclery and glue hood ornaments to your helmet (Google It!)

And yes, when my beard gets really big i buy recumbents, what is it about that?!

I do ride folding bikes, but haven’t noticed if that’s a bearded   bike genre or not.

I talked with a fellow folder this morning, both of us had cleanly shaven faces even in this bitter, bitter cold. The seattle vote on facial hair for folders? No.