Big Dummy Bike Polo at Freeride


by Byron on Aug 26, 2008 at 11:11 AM

This maybe a stupid idea, but I’m thinking of racing cross with the Bettie. The passenger could dismount with me, pick the bike up and over the barriers, and then push up the hills. Additionally, we could carry beer, pretzels, and a change of clothes with us when we get tired, wet, and cold.

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ha! we were just having a conversation in the shop as to wether a person getting pulled (either on the back of a non-tandem or in a trailer) would place and get series points…

I’ll ‘sponsor’ the beer!

Tandems at a cross race have to have been tried before, but this time it’s a long-tail cargo bike!

Brilliant! and think of the major traction that you’ll have.

I recommend using a side hack.

I don’t know if any of you remember side hack BMX racing back in the day.

I have a great idea for a downhill, side hack race called “Battlehack”.
Where there are two drivers, and two passengers. The passengers
battle and try to knock the other passenger off the sidehack.

By the way I play bike polo twice a week, (Axles Of Evil, represent) sometimes three times. I have been playing since ‘92.
  I have seen it attempted on Xtracycles, but people seem to get hurt.