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by Byron on Jul 20, 2006 at 5:14 PM

During a business commuter train ride to Portland on the Amtrak Cascades, I got to talking with the Conductor and cycling came up. He’d just finished the STP and was, as he said, “hooked.” I told him another great ride is the MS 150 and Courage Classic. We did discuss how he wasn’t really ready for STP, but he knows what to do now!

It was fitting that the conducter was a cyclist as Amtrak is not only cycling friendly, but pro-cycling. They’ve got signs on the trains welcoming bikes, pamphelts, and are actively promoting cycling.

This bike hugger felt right at home and next time I’m bringing my bike.

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Space is limited, tho, right?  When I rode Amrak Cascade last (heading the other direction, btw), I remember being told to arrive early if I was bringing a bike because the bike spots filled quickly and were, in the words of Seth Bullock, first come, first to be served.

Space is limited yes. You need to make a reservation for the bike rack. I think it’s 6 or 9. If that fills up, they have bike boxes you can use or bring your own. When we got to Portland, I watched happy cyclists, get their bikes and ride out of the station. It was great.

That Amtrak conductor you mentioned is Mark Flanigan.  Great guy, one of Amtrak’s best.

Thanks Bubba. It was great to meet him. The whole Amtrak Cascades experience was good. We did have a lengthy delay on the return trip because of malfunctioning crossing gates, but I had my laptop, a nice lunch, and it was good.

Wish that were the case across Amtrak.  Wanted to take my bike on the train from DC’s Union Station to Harper’s Ferry, WV (then riding back along the C&O Canal).  The responses I got in person/on the phone ranged from clueless to hostile.  Apparently no bikes allowed, since there is no luggage offload there.  Thanks, Amtrak!


Thanks for the post. It must be regional, as both Seattle are Portland are bicycle towns. I bet it’s also because Talgo builds their trains with the bike racks in them

DL, you’ve got to bring your bike next time you come down. We’re all about the bike here in Portland. Also, dunno if you’re aware of this, but we have a huge bike blog here called which maybe you will like.


Thanks for the note. I ride and race in Portland all the time. Totally dig it. See this photo from our last visit and I’ll be there in two weeks. And, I’m going to try and have coffee with Jonathan from Bike Portland next time.