Bicycle-Powered Popcorn Machine


by Byron on Mar 20, 2009 at 7:41 AM

For a while there I was thinking the Age of Stupid Premier itself was stupid. Then I saw this bicycle-powered popcorn machine! Want! My guess here is that in the future age of stupid, the citizens of the UK are powering machines and propelling themselves with bikes.


Want this to go with our Bike Blenders.

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Yes, it looks like the cord is going to the generator(?) at the fork of the bike, but there’s a thread about a human powered popcorn popper and it seems that a commercial popper requires 2kW- certainly more power than a person is able to reasonably sustain for even a short enough period to pop popcorn.

So, I assume it’s either not truly human powered, or it’s not merely a commercial popper.

As mentioned in the thread (before I lost interest), it could be a lower powered consumer version with possibly an inverter and battery.

So, any closer pictures?

No closer pictures. Maybe the bike just turns the popcorn hopper?