Austin by way of Memphis and Montreal?


by Byron on Mar 08, 2008 at 4:28 AM

At one point, during the hectic flight-cancellation, rebook process, I was routed through Montreal, Detroit, and onto Austin! Who knew that Memphis would go into a panic with an inch of snow? Well, a fellow business traveler did. As we landed, he said, “if there’s snow in Memphis, they shut down all the flights.” I flew from Seattle to Memphis, and wham, all flights cancelled.

A few hours of sleep later in a Doubletree, and I’m back to the Airport to see if a regional airline will fly today to Austin.

If I’m there or not, the other huggas will make sure the Urban Ride and BBQ go well.

Have a good ride all.


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since the globe warmed, we haven’t had a 7” snow since the early 90s. we sold all of our deicing equipment to buy those $1000 S&W bikes. ;)

glad you made it to Austin. looks like fun. if you have more time in memphis in the future, look up revolutions cycling

there’s a small, but generally unarmed, bike culture here that’s growing.

Thanks Gregg . . . I was not too impressed with Memphis. I stayed at the Doubletree, which seemed like it was 30 miles from the Airport.