An 11 x 26 with Force


by Byron on Jul 25, 2006 at 1:36 PM

As if the promise of SRAM’s new Force group wasn’t enough, they’re shipping it with an 11 x 26! Like Matt Pacocha says in his review of the new group for Velonews, I never understood why gruppo manufactures didn’t ship a gear bigger than a 23 with a 11. SRAM is offering a group that works “as well as anything else out there,” is lighter, less expensive, and has an 11 x 26 for us older riders.

I predict Force is going to be hit and in the peloton there’s already buzz about it being a good working group for crit racing season.

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Big fan of the 11-26 idea.  I know the SRAM cassette is it’s own deal with the missing tooth idea.  Wonder how that’ll play with Shimano stuff.

Agreed. There’s a new Orbea at Elliott Bay Bicycles that had it and all the shop guys tried, said it was cool, and they learned the shifting right away. I haven’t seen it, but they said the finish and polish was also very nice. It was a complete group on the Orbea, but I’d think it wouldn’t work very well with the tight tolerances of 10 speed.

Can’t wait for my Force group to show up at the LBS… heard some rumors about front shifting being less than ideal, but everything else I’ve seen is positive.

I haven’t heard anything on the front shifting and Frank and I hope to try it out this year at Interbike.

I’ll be REALLY disappointed if mine hasn’t shown up by Interbike time!!!


What bike are you putting it on and when do you expect it?

LBS still doesn’t have a date—I’m putting it on a Scott CR1 with some Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels.  I sure hope they come in August sometime!

Nice! Really nice. Let us know when it’s done and the photos!