Alternative Cycling Apparel


by Byron on Jul 30, 2006 at 11:30 AM

Reader Brian Langdon sent us Twin Six, who make and sell Alternative Cycling Apparel, including The Cabby that won recently won Bicycling mag’s jersey of the month.

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Great link! I especially love The Argyle, and am excited to see the womens jerseys coming soon. In lieu of that, the Operacion Puerto t-shirt gave me a little chuckle.

Totally. You could get a whole wardrobe of alternative shirts, including ours!

Nice post!  If you like the Speedster Jersey, REI has it on clearance for $49.95.  It’s a great deal for a nice jersey.  FYI, I have two of their t-shirts and the quality is excellent.  Very soft and the print seems to be staying on nicely.

Thanks Brian. That’s a def good deal. I’ve got shirts from Club Colorado that have lasted amazingly long that are American Apparel and that’s why we went with them for our shirts to get the softness and long-lasting print quality.

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