Aero for Paralympics


by Mark V on May 06, 2012 at 12:44 PM

paralympic Ireland

This photo from Paralympic Cycling World Championships, Feb 2012 in LA. The UCI officials actually had to check the carbon fibre prosthetic leg to make sure it did not violate the 3:1 aspect ratio rule.

Some of these athletes are just unreal; there was a British guy (Jody Cundy) with no legs below the knee who went 1:06 for the Kilo!

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That kit is incredible? Colors like ours.


cool, but what’s that thing on the lateral side of your prosthetic, that looks like a cyclocomputer mount?

also, is your prosthetic suited for walking about as well as cycling? the pix of lower limb prosthetics that I saw from worlds all seemed very single purpose (though it’s worlds and a velodrome after all, and i’m sure the my friend was only shooting the exotic stuff).

I raced with this guy this morning, couldnt believe it when he pulled up along side me, had to work really hard not to point and shout “Bike hugger!!!”, he didnt do all that bad, was more impressed with another guy who only had one leg, one was clamped to where the left crank arm should be and the right leg going hell for leather, think he got round with the pack, impressive.