A Tainted Tour de France


by Byron on Jun 30, 2006 at 7:33 AM

July is the time of year when the world pays more attention to cycling, the tour starts, the STPs are out riding everywhere, the days are long, it’s not raining, and more. It’s usually a good time to be a bike hugger, but this year, what started as a drug scandal with wild speculation, confusing facts, declaration of innocence and guilt by association in the European media, has resulted in riders not being allowed to start the race. Those riders including the two favorites Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso.

As the news about the scandal and suspensions pour in, it’s chaotic and confusing and I’m stunned. I’m following the news on the Tour de France blog, our partner in cycling. More reports from

Later when the Tour starts, we’ll offer some insight here and explanation (besides the scandal) of how the race works.

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HUGE is not the right word. Doping has ben around for a long, long time (Merckx caught twice at least) and isn’t going away. It’s just sad that it will destroy the sport (and the industry possibly).

True and what’s troubling, so stunning, is all the implications and then the eventually of who actually is involved in this. Earlier in the week, Jan had been cleared and offered to test his blood, and wham.