A Record Rain Fell


by Byron on Apr 08, 2013 at 7:13 AM

Record rain fell

Jacket wetted out

It was the kind of ride when you get home and re-Nikwax your shell that wetted out in the first 20 minutes. Then Nikwax everything else you wore for good measure.

Under a bridge

Hid under this bridge under the worst squall ended

The kind of ride where record rain fell on you and your bike. Not epic, hard, or legendary.

On a trusty bike

On a trusty bike

Just a chore to get in shape for a long season and one that took a toll.

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Byron, can you share your current preference for overshoes? Thanks!

I can! See this post


and note that works with Sugio or any overshoes. I used Gore on this day and it was the first time I’d soaked through all year. Most times, I’m good.