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by Byron on Jan 10, 2013 at 1:44 PM



Another creative from Seattle, wanted his 2012 ride stats at a glance so he made this infographic (PDF). Seeing it in Brian’s G+ stream, I said, “many masters racers and Fondo participants would love to see their year recapped so well too.”

Maybe there’s a your stats visualized business?

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Hey Byron,

This looks great.  I’m a web developer, and I would love to give this a crack.  The only thing that I would need is to know where he is getting his data from. 

I love my bike and use it mostly to commute.  But, I don’t use any type of computer on it. If you can steer me in the right direction as far as popular tracking devices, and where/how they upload the data, for cyclist I might be able to make this work.

He’s using a Garmin and a service called Strava. Any bike computer with downloadable data can upload to Strava, MapMyRide, or a host of other similar services. I’ve got a Saris Joule. Also, before this fancy pants method, cyclists would just note their stats shown on their computer and manually entire it into a spreadsheet and then create a quick graph. Maybe Brian will respond here as to how he did it.

Strava is definitely a great way to go because it is completely free and you can track all of your rides pretty accurately using your cell phone.  It’s great to have a bike computer also though I think, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Garmin, and CatEye makes some nice ones.  Both companies have been putting out cool computers using better and better technology. 

I like to use a bike computer just because they are simpler than having to start and stop an application on your phone before and after each ride.  Using them together is a great idea!

Hey Rob, as Byron mentioned, I recorded my rides on a Garmin Edge 800. For reporting, I think Garmin Connect has a bit more functionality and flexibility today, which made compiling data for the infographic much easier. That said, I regularly end up uploading my data to Garmin and Strava (as I prefer the community on Strava more). Hope that helps get you started and please share back what you create!

Oh, and I should also point out developing a standard ride title naming system helps too. I first noticed this meta tagging system from a friend who starts the all his ride titles with something like E001. (denoting it was an errands ride, and it was the first errands ride of the year). Similarly, he uses C for commutes, and R for general road rides. cheers.