Mobile Apps for Cyclists

With the blogosphere and news media abuzz about the next iPhone, MobileMe (your mac online), and more mobile apps, we were wondering here at Hugga HQ what apps cyclists would want on their iPhones?

  • Location-aware rides and routes
  • alert me if the toll bridge is up!
  • Dock my phone and get all my stats.

We’ve discussed this, in part, before and we’re thinking about again with the steady flow of iPhones apps expected.

What do you think is cool, would work for you?

Moto + Bike

I’ve thought that a good way to demonstrate biodiesel or even electric cars is in a bike race caravan. You can bet that caravan and all the racers and spectators traveling to a race are spewing out their share of carbon. Well, check this bike motorcycle setup spotted at a race this weekend.


Got your High Gas Prices right here!

About town with Bettie, rolled on up into a parking place, u-lock the front wheel, did some banking, visited Alki Bike & Board, and rode some more …


What is Velocouture?

Velocouture was coined by Patrick from Portland, (a bike hugga and avid Flickr contributor) His Flickr group by the same name, Velocouture features photos of stylish practical clothing worn while cycling. For cycling to take hold as a major alternative form of transportation, people should feel as comfortable off their bikes as on them. Many would be cyclists conjure images of spandex clad, ultra fit tour riders, and simply never consider the possibility of a short trip to the store on a bike in practical clothing. I love catching sight of plain clothes cyclists in fashionable garb. We need more of you on the streets, showing the rest of us that cycling can be a simple, fun, and practical form of transportation.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Functional Urban Cycling Fashion

I came across this photo on Flickr that illustrates a simple and creative way to give basic slacks some cycling utility.

This cyclist has stitched a highly reflective triangle of 3M inside both pant legs. When the legs are rolled up to avoid chain grease, the reflective patch is revealed. This is a great solution for urban cyclists and commuters that want to increase visibility without sporting cycling specific fashions off their bikes.

What about you? Do you have any practical tips for maintaining visibility?

Uploaded by bilobicles bag | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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